Step 1 - Complete the Coaching Questionnaire

Click the icon to complete the form

This will give me a little more info about you including contact details and also asks you to confirm that you’re fit and well to take part in any training.  


Step 2 - Create a free Training Peaks Account

Click the icon register

If you already have a Training Peaks account, ignore this and move onto step 3.  Otherwise, click on the symbol to create a free Training Peaks account.


Step 3 - Connect on Training Peaks

Click the icon to connect

This will connect you as one of my athletes on Training Peaks so that I can add training work for you to complete.


Step 4 - Connect your Fitbit Account

Click the icon to connect Fitbit and Training Peaks accounts

Clicking on the Fitbit icon will allow you to connect your Fitbit activities so they sync with Training Peaks

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