It’s amazing to see yourself swim and perfect for finding out what could be holding you back in your swimming. This session will look at your stroke from different angle...
Swim Video Analysis
1 hr

With swimming, there's nothing so frustrating than trying harder and harder but not getting any faster.  Unlike running and cycling, if you try harder you may end up getting slower.  As water is approx 1000 times more dense than air, working on your swim technique can have huge benefits to propel you through the water and increase your speed.

"...I wish I knew what I should do to get better..."

Swim Video Analysis Session

The session follows this very simple format to help you understand what's going on in your stroke and how to improve it:

  • We start with an initial chat about your swimming to help me understand why you need some help and what you feel is going on with your swimming

  • You then get some warm up time in the pool that also lets me have a good look at your swimming

  • Then we video your stroke

  • We then analyse your stroke to look at the good points - if you can swim at all then you will definitely have some good things going on in your stroke - then look at the areas we can develop to improve your swimming

  • We will then practice 1 or 2 simple drills in the pool

  • Following the session I'll send you a session plan for you to practice these dills on your own

  • After the session, I'll record some commentary over the video footage so you can keep this to refer back to at any point

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