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Slow down to go faster

Many people may have have heard that 80-85% of your training should be at an easy pace, and only a small portion - perhaps the remaining 10-15% be at a faster paces, but why is this?

In this video, legendary run coach Dr Jack Daniels - named as the "World's best running coach" by Runners World magazine explains the benefits that can be achieved from running at an easy pace. He explains that running at a slower aerobic pace for your longer runs will provide you with the same physical adaptations, but with a lot less fatigue...leaving you fresh to run fast when required. Doesn't that sound awesome and like something we should all be doing?

The Easy run zone has often been labelled the 'Guilty Zone' as many people think and feel that they will get greater benefits if they run at a faster aerobic pace. let Jack explain all...


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