"...simplicity is the key to brilliance..."

Bruce Lee


With simple, effective, enjoyable training plans, you'll arrive at your triathlon start line in great shape ready to go.

Following the simple steps below, it really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Set effective training goals - could be a simple as complete your race

  2. Determine your current training/fitness levels then build a plan just for you, steadily increasing your fitness up to the event

  3. Prepare you for race day

The list below are some of the features included in the plan...

  • An inclusive Training Peaks Premium account

  • Daily sessions delivered directly to you in 3 week blocks

  • Every session has a purpose based upon your current level of fitness

  • Tracking of your overall fitness and fatigue

  • Weekly catch up (normally via Skype/phone)

  • Confidence building sessions to prepare you for your race

  • Basic nutrition

  • Race preparation techniques

  • Mental techniques

  • Effective goal setting

  • Plus much more....

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