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The bike:  The longest part of your race

We increase your threshold to race faster for the same effort.


The bike is normally the longest section of any triathlon so you have to get it right.

Bike leg training is a mix of targeted sessions with several different objectives depending on the type and length of race you're aiming for:

  • We increase your time in the saddle at a low level effort to build your bodies resistance to injury and improve your efficiency to deliver oxygen to your muscles  

  • We improve your body's ability to clear blood lactate allowing you to increase your 'threshold' and race faster for the same effort

  • We increase your VO2max - the maximum volume of oxygen you can transport around your body to help deliver fuel to your muscles

  • We also throw in some fast sessions to develop speed.  The amount of this depends of the type and length of racing you're aiming for

We bring all the training together and develop a bike strategy.  Attacking the bike leg too hard can leave your legs sluggish for the run.  Not hard enough and your already behind on the run.

My varied and dynamic mix of bike training will ensure you're in great shape for the longest section of the race and a pre-prepared strategy will leave you ready for the run.

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