THE SWIM:   The scary bit!

"...with the swim out the way, I can relax..."

The swim doesn't have to be the bit you dread or just get out of the way.  Whilst everyone is different, I've found that following a few simple steps, I hope to get you looking forward to the swim leg of their triathlon.

  • Analyse whats going on in your stroke via a video analysis session

  • Build your swim endurance through consistent swimming at your endurance pace

  • Build your race fitness via simple effective interval session plan

  • Development of your open water skills to get you race ready!

I've helped all abilities of swimmers, from those aiming to complete their first triathlon swim, to those wanting to be out of the water with the lead pack.

Swim Video Analysis Session

The video analysis session typically takes around 75 mins.


It starts with a chat about your swim history and what you want to achieve from the session.

We then record your swimming from 4 key angles, then on poolside we'll have a look at whats going on.

We then jump back in the pool and practice 2 maybe 3 key drills for you to work on in your own time to best improve your swimming.

Take a look at the video, for a 60 second highlight of the session...

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